Saturday, September 6, 2008

What is at question

So what is conscientization through music? Conscientization of what? What kind of music? Music has suggested and provoked many ideas, alternatives, and actions in the past; depending from region and genre. Instances such as, Chile's la nueva cancion and demonstrations, counter-narratives of Midwest folk and west/east coast hip-hop, outspoken defying and raging England's punk bands, provocative mind liberalizing free spirited psychedelic music, and borderland corrido folklore, which all tell us untold stories and different perspectives of underrepresented situations and populations, amongst other enumerable examples.

Music and its lyrical content has provided a once previously unheard voice, or even a neglected one, since most contemporarilly notable the last half century. What is vital to my thought process is that all these genres, artists, and songs, which have conscientisized 'something' in various visible or subconscious ways, have defied sociopolitical establishments of the power bloc's culturally 'acceptable.' They are the songs that have shook up political order. Its censorship is the proof that intents us listeners to keep away from this: The unknown, the marginalized, the unwanted, the vulnerable, the classless, the subaltern population...

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