Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smells Like Teen Spirit? MTV’s Rave-Theme Bash in Honor of Skins Premier

Quirky neon-dressed chicks, thirstily dancing-crazed teens, and gleeful live DJ performances from Kill the Noise, Sleigh Bells, Klever, and Drop the Lime are some of the boisterous happenings at The Official MTV “Skins” party – in honor of the show “Skins” on MTV which premiers today.

The all-nighter party took place inside a warehouse in NYC on Friday 14, 2011 where partygoers had to be at least 16-years-old to go through the door. Though a few lucky 300 were fortunate enough to enter the party while about 10,000 were left out in the cold despite their RSVP status.

Celebs also showed up at the glorious party including your very own members of Skins, Liz from My Life as Liz and band member Andrew of the kick-ass psychedelic pop duo MGMT!

Much like the show Skins features, party attendees also got freaky, committed acts of sex simulation (at least we hope), and dropped psychedelic tabs for kicks. So for those unlucky thousands who couldn’t attend the party, weep no more because we got some gnarly photos of this rave-themed, teenagers out-of-control, action-crazed party.

All photos by Dylan Hess

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