Monday, September 1, 2008

Proposing a possible start for blogging about music

The next step it is. So I finally decided to start a blog, labor day: the day "off" for the "working citizen," the end of the summer, 2008. "Summer's almost gone, where will we be" (The Doors), 40 years ago since "the summer of love," well at least for the one recognized since the hippies' countercultural movements.

And where are we at now? Culturally speaking, the nostalgia, the chilanga banda, El Tri, speaks about, has yet returned again. In love with being in love, liberation, free speech and countercultural ideologies of 'lets get naked an love your neighbor.' Sociopolitically wise, to fight Lenin's ideological State Apparatuses, Marx's oppressing capitalistic bourgeoisie, and Gramsci's elites' control on cultural hegemony. And now, the national turning point that the current most influential nation has been waiting for, and the rest of the world, the 2008 elections.

Anyhow, after refining my love of music and its sociopolitical importance, I do realize I want to keep exploring its influential power, and maybe its censorship, as Attali's "Noise" briefly pointed out, "A facet of social life for which the rules are breaking down (sexuality, the family, politics) - it is censored, people refuse to draw conclusions from it." During the next followning blog posts, I will begin exploring what I have critically thought of, and see where this will eventually lead me to. Of coarse, this will all deal with music, and think of "breaking the rules in public spaces" in some way or another.

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