Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Party Death and the New York Rock Scene

Raw, rowdy, straight up on the rocks, rock and roll – the Party Death emerges into the New York party scene. Appearing in 2006, the Party Death wrote their first self-titled song about of living life off the edge of a cliff which then became the name of the band. Having a series of break ups and different members, the current quadruple are together since 2008. The rock and roll group is composed of lead singer Joshua Lee, guitarist Jack Nightrain, bassist Dynamite Dave, and never least drummer Nathanial John.

While some of their early crazy adventures begin at Arlene’s Grocery making a pack to ‘destroy everything’. "I ended up doing a front flip and tackling Josh. I had my front tooth chipped and we ended up being banned from Arlene's," Nathanial explains. Their attitudes on stage as to the themes of their songs represent a revival of heavy rock bands like GNR intertwined with the psych of modern New York rock attitude. Though Josh highlights, "If you don’t write how miserable your songs are, then you get compared to 80s".

Currently, the band has a debut EP single “Mary”. They’re hitting up many of the New York rock ‘n’ roll venues and bars either performing, DJing hard rock classics, or just throwing down at parties.

While Jack Nightrain ferociously spits out dueling guitar riffs and hard rock power chords, Joshua Lee screeches out his tales of sex, drinking whiskey and apathy in the big city; bassist Dynamite Dave and drummer Nathanial John are a powerful and limber rhythm section that keep the music tight and solid. As Dave humorously encourages kids to "Not smoke cigarettes or become musicians," all in good fun of drinking whiskey and staying up till the morning, the Party Death’s music is gritty, loud, with a solid hard, and bluesy base. Like in the words of Jack, "We're a fuckin' dirty and hard rock 'n' roll band", and that's how it should be.

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