Monday, September 8, 2008

The Mother, the Roots, and thoughs on Amalgamation

Tension between the UCPD and Berkeley's tree sitters and supporters has come to desperate measures. Many trees have been cut down and only a few remain. Yesterday afternoon, my housemates and I came to Berkeley to support the tree sitters who have lived up in those redwoods close to two years. We performed a ritual traditional Mexica dance to honor our Mother Earth, Berkeley trees, tree sitters, and all the supporters who have succeeded on creating a conscious mentality and remind us that trees represent more, life, and why they should not be cut down on the brute. Trees, in the Native American culture, are wiser than us humanity since they have been around much longer and have a direct connection to the earth. They posses wisdom.

Therefore, we continue to see the same armed forces which much more limits our rights and freedom to express and to amalgamate. We continue to see coercion and force applied when society does not carry that manipulative forceful linear pattern to segregate from that 'unwanted' and build to narrow the hierarchy of power, wealth, and prestige. Militarization on the border, unwanted immigrants...humanity, militarization on the Berkeley trees, unwanted trees...Mother Earth. When the people begin to conscientisize and activate outside the hegemonic system, an alternative solution is created which allows us, everyone and everything, to understand things, possibly the struggle for power or our the fruits of trees. Dancing, drumming, and rattling...all symbols of the earth's and dance in resistance and unification of the earth. Kamisaraki (good morning in Quechua).

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