Monday, March 1, 2010

Come Down & Meet the Folks! Night of Beautiful Nostalgia

Mid January, a very cold and misty winter night of foggy London bared on of the warmest and community felt acts of Haxton, London. These hundreds of year old pubs, with tasty selections of ales and lagers, and pots of spinach and potato soup on the house, had a tight and intimate set of people of all ages to listen to free and heartfelt live performances of folk acts. Among them were Ezequiel Claviere, The Kittiwakes, and Australia's beautiful Emily Barker with Gill Sandell. This night very much captured a folk revival similar to those of the US's early 60's intertwined with medieval Celtic. Themes in the Kittiwakes' songs spoke about fishermen in the Arctic circle living six months of darkness, universal communication of instruments, and such. Emily Barker's sweet harmonious yet dulcetly haunting singing cries hypnotized us all while Gill's melodic flute and accordion carried us prancing with mythical fairies playing flutes. Songs Emily and Gill played included Blackbird, Little Deaths (reminded me of the death card in the tarot, meaning recreation through deaths), Ropes, Dark-Eyed Sailor (traditional song), Nostalgia (a beautiful song about a heartbreak and the lonesome sentiment), Foal, Despite the Snow, and Disappear. The pub, The Stag's Head, where all this was held had an amazing way of warming the crowd into this communal space, and the performances were a dreamy and magical tour back to the aural space of organic unifying sounds.

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