Friday, January 15, 2010

NoisyPlanet's Chris Shaffer

Artist Review: Chris Shaffer

Having a background in the arts from his grandfather who played standup bass in the 40’s, attending school for the fine arts in oil painting and sculpting, and knowledgeable in a wide range of musical instruments, Christopher Shaffer has collectively gathered his artistic influences and abilities to create a fusion of genres. Noise for the absorption of a jazzy, electro trip hop, and drum-n-bass ear that breaks away from conventional musical trends is what audiences can enjoy. Most of his songs remain without lyrics offering pure moments from a melting pot of sounds.

As Christopher Shaffer refuses to sensationalize what is aired on the radio as favorably pleasing, he aims towards the highlighting of social and political injustices that convey today’s world. He believes that “art in a pristine form is a delicate thing that should be treated lightly.” He has not inquired to commercialize his music since he advocates that the music industry takes all the fun out of it, although if possible, he would love to make a living out of it, living for the art. To him, music is a form of self expression and social communication, as he recalls the art spur during the Age of Enlightenment’s ability to change the world.

Shaffer currently works for a visual communications agency, performs with a few friends once in a while, and spends most of his musical time in his studio playing and recording. He states that as more and more people listen and comment on his music, he has set a goal as to collect himself more together in song. He also strives to do music in a way that is accessible to listeners because sometimes it may be “a little too out there.” Shaffer is not currently performing live, but would like to. He poses to stay true to himself inviting audiences to make up their own interpretations of his music.

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